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0006 T/K Project for Damyang Dam / Stucture & Landscape Design
담양댐 둑높이기 사업
We planned the space by dividing it into 4 areas including beautiful, eco-edu, spectacle and traditional by introducing story-telling that a dragon was born in Yongsogol, enjoyed the best scenery of ... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0005 Emergency Spillway in Unmun Dam/ Spillway & Landscape Design
운문댐 비상여수로 건설공사
It applied environment-friendly design in order to be harmonious with the natural landscape of the clean Unmun Lake, and planed the park where visitors can experience how to train ancient Hwarang con... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0004 Construction to Connect Andong Dam~Imha Dam/ Architecture & Landscape Design
안동~임하댐 연결공사
It is construction of a water tunnel which performs a function to control water level of the two lakes by connecting Andong lake to Imha lake under the lake. We make intake towers & parks introdu... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0003 Proposal for Residential Development in Basrah, IRAQ
이라크 바스라 주거단지 기본계획 제안
This is for housing complex in Basrah to Ministry of Transportation of IRAQ. Each building has the similar concept of Baghdad's one. Arabic pattern was applied for the layout, because the ar... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0002 Proposal for Residential Development in Baghdad, IRAQ
이라크 바그다드 주거단지 기본계획 제안
This is the proposal for housing complex in Baghdad to Ministry of Transportation of IRAQ. It is designed to provide security, enough community & open spaces but coincidently try to acc... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0001 Proposal for prototype of school of IRAQ
이라크 학교 기본계획 제안
This is the proposal for the prototype of school in IRAQ which has the 24 classes. In consideration of the existent circumstances in which there are few facilities for playing & educ... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN