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0065 Mangyung-gang Br./ 1st phase for the Saemangeum South-North way
새만금 남북도로 건설공사 1단계 (3공구) / 만경강대교
We planned 828m main span suspension bridge with 3 dimensional cables. 828 is the year when Korea peninsula opens the Cheonhaejin port as a centre of marine trade in East Asia for the first time of i... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0064 Godeok Bridge,The 14th Sector of the Construction for Seoul~Sejong Highway
서울-세종고속도로 안성-구리 건설공사 제14공구/ 고덕대교
Godeok Bridge which connects Seoul Godeok-dong and Guri-si as a part of Seoul-Sejong express highway is located at the end of east Han-River of Seoul. It is designed as the only cable stayed bridge w... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0063 Mihocheon Br. / Cheongju Technopolis in KOREA
미호천교-청주테크노폴리스 진입도로 건설공사
Construction of Entrance Road at Cheongju Technopolis Project. As a landmark of Chungbuk Province, Mihocheon Bridge was designed as a cable stayed bridge with 4 towers with the motif of Chu... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
부르나이 플라우 무아라 베사르 교량 및 도로건설 사업관리용역
On June 2012, PEC Consortium was awarded 'Consultancy Services for Proposed Construction of PMB Bridge, Road and Utilitie' s ordered by BEDB(BRUNEI Economic Development Board). EDI proposed three ... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0061 Geumho Br. in Daegu, KOREA
성서~지천간 건설공사 제1공구 (금호대교)
This bridge in Geumho Belt Way between Seongseo~Jicheon (Zone 1) is planned to non-protruded shape, concrete girder structure for harmony with surrounding scenery. The one V-shape pier is applie... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0060 Namhangang Railway Br. (Dodam~Yeongcheon)
도담~영천 복선전철 제1공구 노반건설공사(남한강교)
By combination of deck arch bridge and through arch bridge for double track railway, Namhangang Bridge is reborn as an entirely new hybrid arch Bridge. The motif comes from 'Dodamsambong', and ... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0059 IRAQ, Al-Graia’at Bridge in Baghdad
이라크 Al-Graia’at 교량 및 접속도로 실시설계 입찰 제안
The bridge across Tigris River shall be installed close to Al-Kadumain Mosque and historic site of the ancient city in Baghdad. Considering the relic, the development of alluvial island ... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0058 MYANMAR, Myanmar-Korea Friendship Br.
미얀마-한국 우정의 다리 제안(EDCF Project)
As the technical Proposal for EDCF project, the bridge connects northern area of Yangon and southern area of Dala , in Yangon City of Myanmar, we suggested landmark bridge whose motif ... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0057 GEORGIA, Mtkvari Bridge In Tbilisi,
죠지아 Mtkvari Br.
Mtkvari Bridge is designed as an aesthetically valuable bridge considering characteristic of the location where it is in the Tbilisi, Georgia. By reinterpret the King's spear, shield and an eagl... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0056 Competition for Airside-3rd Stage of Entrance Road at Incheon International Airport
인천국제공항 진입도로 3단계 Airside TP제안 및 현상공모
It's a design for the curve side and the front facilities in front of the 3rd passenger terminal. They were designed with the harmony of the existing the 3rd terminal built in t... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0055 Sungai Kebun Bridge, Brunei
부르나이 숭가이 케번교
This bridge is located at the entrance of the capital, Bander Seri Begawan. With a concept 'Floating Mosque', we designed to become a new symbol of Brunei. The Crescent shaped tourist facilit... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0054 Pyeonghwa Dam Extension Construction
평화의댐 치수능력 증대사업 건설공사
With a concept 'PEACE FANTASIA reverberating from the only divided country in the world', Peace, Ecology, Culture space were planned. Also, the graphic faces of Nobel Peace Prize laureate were&nb... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN