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0053 Juksanbo, the 2ndzone for saving Yeongsan River/ Landscape Design
영산강살리기 2공구 (다시지구) 죽산보/ 조경설계
It introduces a plan for making tourism assets connected to Juksanbo which will be constructed in Yeongsan River. To construct a network of bicycle roads and waterway connecting to existing tourism p... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0052 T/K Project for Tidal Gate of a Seawall in Asan Bay / Landscape Design
아산만 방조제 배수갑문 확장사업 1단계/ 조경설계
To establish a spatial plan which is harmonious with a new tidal gate and specializes the view of beautiful natural landscape around the area. LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0051 T/K Project for Cheonseong~Nulcha Line/ Civil Structure Design
부산~거제간(천성~눌차)연결도로 건설공사/ 교량설계
As a part of the project to design a road which continues from Busan to Gadeok and Geoje-island, we make the environment-friendly spatial plan around the roads, which is a network connecting to exist... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0050 T/K Project for the Reservoir (the 3rd Sector)/ Landscape Design
저수지 둑높이기 3공구 경관 및 조경 설계
To change a shore line according to the plan for making a bank of 3 reservoirs including Deakgok, Bonghak and Geumbong higher and to plan new movement of vehicles and walk and space. It introduced a ... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0049 Hanam Sewage Treatment Plant and Park/ Tower Design
하남시 환경기초시설 현대화 및 공원조성사업
A plan for making underground sewage treatment plant , constructing the urban park on the ground and landmark tower which represents Hanam-city. Tower is designed with the concept of “Bic-Tree” c... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0048 The Road Between Sinji~Gogeum/ Bridge Design
신지~고금 도로건설공사/ 교량디자인
It is planned as a cable-stayed bridge with 5 pylons which contains the symbolism of integrating 5 areas around Cheonghaejin, the town of Jangbogo(the great general of Goryeo Dynasty) and the spirit ... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0047 The Road Between Yeongin~Cheongbuk(the 1stzone)/ Bridge Design
아산 영인~평택 청북간 도로건설공사 1공구 대안설계/ 교량디자인
Bridge design considering a clean natural environment in Anseong-cheon and it's planned as a cable-stayed bridge with 7 towers. - ECO: To minimize damages to ecology in Anseong-cheon - Iden... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN
0046 T/K Project for Yeongin~Cheongbuk Line/ Landscape Design
아산영인~평택 청북간(2) 도로건설공사 1공구 대안설계/ 조경설계
It is a plan for landscaping around the riverside of Anseong-cheon under the concept of network construction of tourist attractions considering the new International City, Pyeongtaek Harbor & La... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0045 T/K Project for Geumgang 2nd Bridge / Landscape Design
행정중심복합도시 금강2교 건설공사(TK) / 조경설계
A plan for the riverside space around Geumgang 2 nd Bridge. To design the space into environment-friendly and to provide a place for communication to the local residents. LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0044 T/K for Route 77 between Hongnong~Baeksu / Landscape Design
홍농~백수간 국도 77호선 건설사업/ 조경설계
A plan for landscaping the area around Chilsan Bridge, a landmark of the area and making tourism network reflecting the identity of the region where the advent of Buddhism. LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0043 Basic Plan for Suwon-cheon Restoration Project/ / Master Plan
수원천 복원사업 기본계획 / 마스터플랜
It is a plan for restoring Suwon-cheon(stream) which is covered with concrete road under the concept of ‘Suwon-cheon with tradition and future flowing’. Recovering it ecologically to its original... LANDSCAPE PLANNING & DESIGN
0042 Blue-green Network in Sejong city/ Bridge & Facilities Design
행정중심복합도시 중심행정타운 블루그린네트워크 조성공사
With the concept of ‘Canopy Town, contains flowing scenery’, it aims to construct network between water space and green space in the city. It constructed continuous walk movement between parks th... CIVIL STRUCTURE DESIGN