Turtle Complex - Plant Factory, Oman / 2017

오만 플랜트공장 제안 


MOZAMBIQUE, Maputo 2nd Bridge Proposal / 2016

마푸토 제 2교 제안

Turtle Complex Programs - The plant factory with joyful times.
This is planned to be a complex facility that could provide the people with joyful things such as botanic garden, café & restaurants and consumer market as well as the facilities of plant factory.

Also, it can promote Oman's eco-friendly policy externally and become a familiar landmark that OMAN’s people love. 

We used a turtle as a design motif, which is a representative icon of environmental conservation and OMAN. Five of the world’s seven species of sea turtles are found on most Omani beaches and islands.

- Botanic garden
- Vegetable market
- Café & restaurant
- Square & View



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